Have you ever heard anyone complain about being “too strong?” “Sorry, I cant do that – I’m too strong!” That’s my philosophy – Strong is never wrong! No matter what your goal is, getting stronger will get you there! Want to transform your body? Getting stronger will create a more streamlined physique. Injured? Strength & Reconditioning will get you back fighting fit! Playing a sport? The strong survive!

Where did it all start?

I graduated with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Sport & Exercise Sciences, specialising in Biomechanics – meaning I know a thing or two about how the body moves & how we can correct or enhance movement to achieve a specific outcome. My passion and knowledge for biomechanics grew, which has led me to work with the likes of Team GB diving, Professional Rugby, Professional Boxing & Action Sports athletes including Olympians.

So… Why choose me?

One thing I have noticed is there is still a huge lack of female presence. This spurred me on to create my Female only Strength Camp; SWAT; Strength, Weights And Toning. The ethos behind the programme is to EDUCATE women on how to lift correctly so they become STRONGER & more CONFIDENT – all at an affordable cost!

I thoroughly enjoy helping people get stronger. I am a qualified Strength & Conditioning and Olympic Lifting Coach. So, if you’re looking to give yourself the edge in your given sport, learn to lift or recondition your body following an injury – I can help!


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